Greetings and Happy New Year

Greetings to you all. Happy new year church. I believe all of you are well and safe in Gods hands. We thank God for you brethren for every single chance you are having in being a  blessing to us. Thanks so much for your financial support, mostly we have been using the  funds in paying salaries and buying food stuffs. We have some few children that we are supporting here in school, so also we use the funds to cater for their needs. We have a great challenge of a playing ground, few classes and play / learning materials. Please understand that we value your support. We request you that you help us increase your support towards Praise Academy for the increased needs of the school. We offer a quality education but on low fees cos of stiff competition. We don’t don’t have many facilities please we request for your greater support. Thank you and God bless you. We love you and pray for you. Happy new year of greatness. AMEN. Robai.